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Kingwal Swamp is located about 10 Kilometers from Kapsabet town in Nandi County – Kenya. It is home to the rare antelope the Sitatunga.Sitatunga stand about one and a half metres at the shoulder. Sitatunga have a water-proof coat which is dark brown in males and reddish brown in females. Both sexes have white stripes and spots as well as white splotches on their faces. Their hooves are long and thin to deal with the Sitatunga’s swampy habitat. Males have a mane as well as horns, which are twisted and can reach almost a metre in length.

Sitatunga live in papyrus swamps and are very good swimmers. They may take to the water to evade predators such as Leopards  or African Wild Dogs, lying submerged in pools with only their nostrils above the surface. They are crepuscular although they are also somewhat active at night and day. Sitatunga can be solitary; females tend to stick in herds while males become mostly solitary after mating.